The Condors Band - Los Angeles
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​From the moment they took flight with their first release, TALES OF DRUNKENNESS AND CRUELTY, The Condors knew they were on to something special -- pop songs with attitude, power, and intellect. 

The Condors’ second CD, WAIT FOR IT, roughly chronicling a night in a day of a fanzine writer, garnered a great deal of airplay and glowing reviews worldwide. The album track, “Set Me on Fire”, was used in the opening scene of the indie film, TARGET PRACTICE, with the music video a featured extra on the DVD. 

Their next release, the spirited 3 ITEM COMBO CD, delved into more personal and emotional themes while still retaining the group's trademark grit.

Which brings us to their fourth offering, JOIE DE VIVRE, a mini-album tribute to front man Pat DiPuccio’s former band, Blow-Up. The Condors had folded Blow-Up songs into in their live set for years, so it seemed the right time to revisit and rework numbers which had rarely made it past the demo stage. The disc is even enhanced by the contribution of some of that band’s ex-members and friends.

The current lineup of The Condors consists of singer/guitarist Patrick DiPuccio and drummer (and Sitcom Neighbor leader) John Murphy, with selected bass players filling in. The trio creates a full and energetic sound that ignites their live shows. After listening to their music, or seeing them perform, you will understand why the critics continue to sing the praises of The Condors.

Pat "Pooch" DiPuccio
Mario "Miggs" DiLeva
Mark Francis White
"Calling their sound a blend of pop and punk (think Elvis Costello and Plimsouls), The Condors rely on still more tales of dysfunctionality, told in an appealing manner that’s partly sweet, partly cynical. Listen through, and you’ll hear echoes of Cars, Romantics, Smithereens, and so forth, more power-pop than punk, and pretty well done, at that."
- All Access Magazine.com
"The Condors is fronted by Pat DiPuccio, who was once part of Blow Up, a local L.A. band that gigged regularly at the Palace, the Roxy, and the Whiskey-a-Go-Go. The Condors sound like a tight club band ready to break out of the smog and the haze into a wider world and bigger audiences. WAIT FOR IT sparks with emotion, and The Condors fuel the boil with nonstop stomp."  
- Caught in the Carousel
"The emphasis is on strong songs, tight musicianship and impeccable vocal work rather than brute force. Pooch displays a clever command of the English language and he knows how to breathe raspy fire into every line."
- Garage and Beat